Imaginative Play…is this important?

Our range of toys at Oakley & Maple are designed to challenge your child’s thought process, enhance their ability to imagine and create opportunities for expressive play.

Playing with the ImagiNook
ImagiNook Book Nook

So you may ask yourself, why is this important? Research has shown that learning through play, supports positive attitudes towards learning, providing a solid foundation for ongoing success at school. If your child is in their early years, you may be yet to discover that most mainstream schools are now jumping on board with the current research that supports just how important play-based learning is.

The rainbow stacker in a moon shape
Rainbow Moon

Our products at Oakley & Maple will give each child the opportunity to discover their own interests as they explore, manipulate, and imagine. Our ImagiNook and Rainbow Stacker are both open-ended activities. There is no set outcome, or any boundaries for your child. They will challenge their cognitive thinking practices as they plan their own pathway of play. This is an important attribute to have when your child reaches more formal learning. They will have patience, ability to plan different pathways and will learn to trust their own decisions.

Let’s support and foster these growing minds, by providing our children with opportunities for expressive play.


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