Our Story, 

Meet Oakley, Maple, Lisa and Myself (Dave).


In 2019 my wife and I decided to finally start our own business selling educational toys.

You see my wife is a superhero, by that I mean a kindergarten teacher and using her knowledge we wanted to create toys in line with key learning philosophies such as Montessori and Waldorf.

But they had to be beautiful.

So, we decided to name the business after our two kids Oakley and Maple, I made website and designed a logo with tag line of “Beautiful toys for growing minds”.

Our first toy was a play on the Montessori sorting cylinder, I designed a 3D CAD, then made a prototype.

Now we needed to find someone to make it, we finally decided on a manufacturer, ensuring they had quality and environmental ISO accreditation. We got some sample made, tested them and changed the design until we were happy. 

I then naively decided it would be a good idea to add two more products to our range. So, we got more samples.

Most days I got up 2 hours before work, dealing with designer, manufactures, inspectors and more.

Finally, more than 1 year later and though a pandemic we had 3 beautiful and educational toys heading to the US…

Follow and like to join us on our journey…


Beautiful toys for growing minds!

Oakley & Maple™ is an emerging company with a focus of providing play based toys for all children.


Our mantra "beautiful toys for growing minds" guides our organisation to constantly push the boundaries of play based learning. 

Our designs are complemented by incorporating proven play-based philosophies such as Montessori, Waldorf and Kathy Walker.

Common themes in each of these philosophies such as Control of Error, Progression Order and Fine Motor Skills are often adopted into our designs to help encourage play based learning.

Each product is complemented by high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Wood is a key feature in our products and aligns with our sustainable ideals.   

Our Partners

Oakley & Maple™ partner with quality manufacturers to help bring our products to life!

Oakley & Maple™ partners with manufacturers that share our passion for quality and the environment.


We also encourage our manufacturing partners to help directly engage with the creation and invention process, providing constructive ways to improve and refine our products.


An important part of our philosophy is providing quality products, safely and sustainably. 


That’s why we use manufacturers with relevant ISO / SIA Global certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.

Our Testing

Oakley & Maple™ believes in the highest level of quality and safety

At Oakley & Maple™ we want to ensure our products meets the highest level of compliance to keep your child safe.

That's why we partner with approved testing laboratories to ensure compliance in the origin of sale. 

Toy standards are dynamic, so it’s important that manufacturers, consumers and governing authorities keep track of these changes.

At Oakley & Maple™ we are constantly adapting to these changes using standards such as ASTM F963, EN 71, AS/NZS 8124 and more to provide the highest level of safety for our products.

See our Product Tracking page for complete transparency with our product tracking table.

Our Community

Oakley & Maple™ want the community to be part of our journey. 

Every child is unique but often share common experiences.


Through social media, playgroups and coffee catch ups we share these special moments.


At Oakley & Maple™ we love hearing about these moments.

If you've had a special moment using our toys hit us up on our socials using the #oakleymaple.


We also want your help! When developing new toys we like to post ideas for your feedback. Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on any new changes.

Our Promise

Oakley & Maple™ have a high level of integrity and want to share our promise.

Without our customers, we know Oakley & Maple™ would not exist. Though we try to provide the best experience for everyone, sometimes we may not meet you expectations.

If you are not completely satisfied with your toy we have a 30 day money back guarantee, no returns!

All we ask is that you submit an online form, supported by a proof of purchase and we will refund your money.


Even if you don't like our products, we are sure someone else will. We would love for you pass your toy onto a child in need and posted it on our facebook page using #oakleyandmaple.

The future is bright!

At Oakley & Maple™ we are very excited about the future.

With a goal to help young children around the world achieve their full potential through play. A vision that can only be achieved with strong partnerships, hard work and persistence.

 From the beginning of time, children have been learning through play. We hope our products continue this trend by bringing joy, happiness and education to all.